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Dolly Naomi Blackman is a 29-year-old professional sports person with an unfortunate habit of bumping off the people around her. She is entertaining and creative, but can also be very unstable and a bit sadistic.

Her first victim was her sister, Dakota Natalia Blackman, who she killed because she was humming too loudly. In 2019, she killed she half brother , Johnny.

She is Ethiopian. She has a degree in sports science. She has a severe phobia of buttons

Physically, Dolly is not in great shape. She needs to lose quite a lot of weight. She is tall with light skin, blonde hair and black eyes. She has Scratch on the cheek from tustle with Johnny Stewart Blackman just before killing him..

She grew up in a middle class neighbourhood. Her father left when she was young, leaving her with her mother, who was an addict.

She is currently in a relationship with Marshall Finlay Clarke. Marshall is the same age as her and works as a sous chef.

Dolly’s best friend is a professional sports person called Freddie Mccarthy. They get on well most of the time. She also hangs around with Gene Brown and Athena Mclaughlin. They enjoy watching television together.